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Meet Our New Executive – Corporate Sales MD. Tariqul Islam!

ANH GROUP Md. Toriqul Islam

We are thrilled to introduce MD. Tariqul Islam as our new Corporate Sales, With a proven track record and extensive experience, Tariqul is poised to drive our corporate sales strategy to new heights.

Responsibilities of Tariqul Islam as Managing Director of Corporate Sales:

  1. Making appointments, visit & meeting new customers & develop database
  2. Keeping in contract with existing customers to retain them
  3. Maintain sales, prices, contracts, & payments
  4. Promoting new products and any special deals
  5. Ensuring product availability & enlistment
  6. Cheque collection and deposit it to Bank or Head office
  7. Calculate Clients wise due
  8. Push sale on working time
  9. Collect competitor information
  10. Prepare Monthly Sales Report
  11. Assist Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly sales projection

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